Second Chinese company implicated in Gupta-Transnet corruption


Two years ago,PresidentJacobZuma unveiled the arrival of locomotives manufactured by the Chinese company exposed in themulti-billion rand corruption.Lets look back at that story.

JOHANNESBURG - A Chinese Railway company has been implicated in a corruption scandal involving a Gupta-linked firm and Transnet.

According to investigative journalism unit amaBhungane, China North Railway allegedly paid a middleman R647-million for a Transnet project worth R9-million.

It&39;s the second Chinese company to be linked to alleged corruption and a Gupta firm.

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Amabhungane journalist Susan Comrie says the contract was a small part of the R50-billion Transnet acquisition of 1,000 locomotives in 2014.

"What we&39;re talking about is a part of that contract where two suppliers were paid relocation fees in order to agree to have their cranes manufactured in Durban instead of Pretoria. The part that we&39;re talking about is a R647-million payment that went to China North Railway.

"What emerged is that there&39;s a small payment that went to a very obscure little company ... Our investigations showed that behind that company there is a company linked to Salim Essa, which links back to Gupta boxes ... notorious for taking commission on Transnet deals."

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