Security remains tight at universities


Student demonstrations against fees put a halt to registration at Wits.

Student demonstrations against fees put a halt to registration at Wits.

JOHANNESBURG - Thursday marks day four of the 2016 Fees Must Fall protests at some universities.

Registration has been disrupted on various campuses, prompting institutions to register students online.

The students are also threatening to boycott local government elections if their demands aren&39;t met.

Fees Must Fall activists from Wits and the University of Johannesburg say they speak for the entire student body and remain resolute on what needs to happen.

“We are going to fight for free education. Come hell, or high waters or Jesus himself.

"Free education will come in 2016. Amandla!" said student activist Busiswa Seabe.

Student demands include the scrapping of registration fees and the cancelling of historic debt.

“Access to free quality higher education. This is something that Wits as a university supports, and we will work with students to achieve over time," said Shirona Patel of Wits University.

"The issue is who pays for it, where do the resources come from. And it could be the public sector, the private sector, and should it be a national priority.”

The outsourcing of workers also remains a key issue, so much that Unisa was forced to close both its campuses in Pretoria due to protests.

Access to the University of Johannesburg is restricted -- open only to those who have proof of having registered online.

Wits University on the other hand is under heavy security guard.

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