Sentencing delayed in human trafficking case

CAPE TOWN - The absence of a Chinese interpreter has delayed sentencing proceedings in the Parow Sexual Offences Court, where a Chinese duo were to be sentenced on charges of human trafficking for sexual purposes.

Chinese nationals Jiang Wang, of Kenilworth, Cape Town, and his co-accused Yiting Wong appeared before Magistrate Elsa van Zyl on Friday.

In May last year, they were found guilty on two counts of trafficking and one of keeping a brothel.

Sentencing proceedings were to have started on Friday, with a special Chinese interpreter present.

However, court proceedings were delayed, among others, because of the delivery of a judgment in another case.

The case was finally called just before the lunch adjournment but the interpreter had by then been called back to his office. He undertook to return to court by 2pm.

But when court resumed, prosecutor Anthea Swartz said the interpreter had called her during the lunch hour to say he would not be back as he had promised.

The case was postponed to May 5, when the defence team, advocate William King and attorney Ben Mathewson, are to lead evidence in mitigation of sentence.

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