Serial killer apologises but blames his victims

MIDDELBURG - Serial killer Petrus Madiba has admitted to murdering eight women and a baby.

He assaulted and robbed his victims; one of the women was raped.

The 29-year-old claims that all but two of his victims were his girlfriends, and he has accused the young women of cheating on him or stealing his money.

While he says he is sorry, he still lays the blame at the feet of each victim, for provoking his rage which led him to commit the atrocities - not even the baby escaped blame.

But families of the victims say Madiba is lying about his romantic involvement with the young women.

They say, instead, he lured many of his victims to their death with the promise of work.

Sentencing will be handed down today.

* Watch eNCA reporter, Karyn Maughan&39;s video package above.