Shashi Naidoo denied entry into Israel


Model Shashi Naidoo has come under fire over negative comments she made about Gaza.

JOHANNESBURG - TV personality Shashi Naidoo has been denied entry into Isreal.

Naidoo tried to enter Israel to learn about occupied territories.

"Embassy of Israel can confirm that Shashi Naidoo was denied entry into Israel on the 25 July 2018. Israel has passed a law that, like any rational sovereign state, it denies entry to those seeking to harm the country," the Embassy said in a statement.

The embassy also accused the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel in South Africa of wanting to harm the country.

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Naidoo previously admitted she needed to learn about Israeli-Palestinian conflict

A month ago, Naidoo made comment on social media about Gaza

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She referred to Gaza as "a sh**hole" during a debate about the Palestine-Israel conflict with an Instagram user. 

Naidoo received a backlash for her comment and she later apologised.