Shots fired inside Nelson Mandela Bay council


A total of 78 trained Metro Police officers have been hired so far while 110 more are to be appointed soon.

PORT ELIZABETH – Two councillors at the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro were carried off to hospital after shots were reportedly fired inside the council on Thursday afternoon.

According to The Herald, two councillors of rival political parties were rushed to hospital.

However, the shots fired were reportedly from the security guard hoping to stop the situation. No one in the chambers was shot.



It's reported that one councillor was hit on the head with a glass jar and another councillor apparently fainted.



Police had to escort everyone out of the chambers.

Nelson Mandela Bay Mayor Athol Trollip was quoted as saying that he believed the shots were fired by security personnel who were called in.

Exact details of events are still not clear and Eastern Cape police could not confirm what happened.