Smart camera slows motorists down


File: A speedster was arrested in Alberton driving 234km/h.

CAPE TOWN - Traffic officials in the Western Cape have had unexpected success while demonstrating the effectiveness of a new camera trap.

It’s designed to catch speeding motorists who try and fool the camera by slowing down at traps.

Usually when motorists approach a camera they slow down and once they&39;ve passed it they speed up again. But the new average speed over distance camera will force motorists to stick to the speed limit throughout.

"As you enter a section your registration is photographed, this is sent to central computer which records information. As you leave section photographed again.. and the average speed is calculated. This stretch of the R27 from Yzerfontein toward Langebaan is a notorious death trap," said Transport MEC Robin Carilse.

With the new camera, a reduction in accidents is expected.
"On both sections where we have it going now, the incidence of speeding has dropped by half and the incidence of road deaths by more than half. It&39;s achieving what we want, not to catch people but to get people to slow down."
During the demonstration a motorist was caught doing 131km/h.

"Was surprised to notice it. It came upon me as a surprise. Well if I step over the line I must do the necessary," said the Transport MEC.

He was also over the alcohol limit, and arrested.

With this type of success, Carlisle, said the camera should be put to use everywhere in South Africa.