Snake pastor at it again with cockroaches and 'poisonous' flowers


Controversial prophet Penuel Mnguni.

JOHANNESBURG – Controversial prophet Penuel Mnguni, known for feeding congregants snakes, is at it again.

This time he is feeding congregants cockroaches and "poisonous" flowers.

A Facebook post describes how Mnguni demonstrated a mystery of turning a cockroach into cheese and spice before feeding it to congregants.

The post is accompanied by pictures and videos of his service where a man is seen eating what is described as a "poisonous" flower.

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“The man of God…took a poisonous flower and prayed upon it and gave it to Apostle Tompane to eat. As Apostle Tompane ate, he said it tastes like no ordinary food, he enjoyed it to the extent that he asked to eat the whole flower alone and finished it,” read the post.

Mnguni appeared before the CRL Rights Commission last year, which was probing complaints laid against him in 2015 for feeding congregants snakes, synthetic hair, rats and ants.

The commission completed its report in June and was handed to Parliament.