Snake pastor's church practices undignified: commission


Johannesburg, 11 February 2016 - The snake pastors church practices are unconstitutional and undignified. That's the finding of the Commission for the Protection of Cultural and Religious Rights.

JOHANNESBURG - A commission probing the alleged commercialisation of religion say the practices at End Times Disciples Ministry church are unconstitutional and undignified.

Leader Penuel Mnguni appeared before the commission on Wednesday.

He has been asked to explain why he made congregants eat rats and snakes.

Mnguni is one of several religious leaders being asked to account for practices within their churches.

The commission says it has spent months looking for him, but Mnguni insists he wasn&39;t hiding.

“I came to CRL Commission. I was not running from it. They were not looking for me," he said.

"They did not know where I am and what I can say is I came for myself here.

So I never received any summons from them and what is happening now…I’m going to start again the ministry as I’m talking now.”

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