STATEMENT: Student Congress calls for national varsity shutdown


Johannesburg, 10 October 2016 - Some students taking part in protests at Wits University are receiving medical attention after they clashed with police. Wits University SRC Secretary General, Fasiha Hassan, explains what happened.

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JOHANNESBURG - The South African Students Congress is calling for a national shut down of all the country's campuses today and Friday.

Sasco plans to take to the streets to march for free tertiary education.

The organisation says it won’t allow President Jacob Zuma’s task team onto any campus.

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It is asking members in all regions and provinces to unite and declare higher education institutions ungovernable.

Some of its demands include that President Zuma and his deputy meet student leaders, amnesty is granted to all arrested staff and students, and all worker issues are resolved.



Weeks of protests at universities have targeted tuition fees,  but students say they are also about racism and inequality in a society still plagued by the legacy of apartheid.

The demonstrations have tapped into deep problems in the country, where many black people are unable to get decent education, jobs or housing despite white minority rule ending more than 20 years ago.


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