Stellenbosch students sit-in for free education


Relentless pressure from students at the University of Stellenbosch has forced management to propose that Afrikaans - as the predominant medium of instruction - be scrapped.

CAPE TOWN - Stellenbosch University students calling for the scrapping of university fees are continuing with their sit-in protest.

They entered the JS Gericke Library with Occupy4FreeEducation and the SFMFDefianceCampaign banners.

The sit in started on Monday and was still on-going late into Wednesday evening.

On Wednesday evening there were still 14 students inside the library and has been peaceful.

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Just last week another group of students disrupted the Cape Town leg of the public hearings on university fees.

They staged a demonstration and prevented UCT Vice-Chancellor Max Price from leaving the building.

Stellenbosch University&39;s Vice Chancellor made submissions at the hearings on why institutions need tuition fees.

On the FeesMustFall Stellenbosch 2.0 Facebook page, a statement was released very early Thursday morning. 

The students state they are looking for an open, honest engagement about fees and free decolonised education.