WATCH: Students FeesMustFall protest at the Union Buildings


Students are taking their campaign for no-fee increases to the Union Buildings in Pretoria on Friday.

* Editor&39;s note: Watch President Jacob Zuma&39;s address here

PRETORIA – The fight against tuition fee hikes at South African universities culminated at the seat of power in Pretoria.

Hundreds of students toyi-toyied as they awaited busses to take them to Union Buildings where President Jacob Zuma met university heads and student leaders.

The FeesMustFall protests begant at Wits University on October 8 and quickly spread to other universities across the country.

Students remained defiant in spite of arrests and court interdicts secured by their own institutions.

WATCH ON PERISCOPE: @kierenjacobse from London



WATCH ON PERISCOPE: eNCA&39;s Dianne Hawker from the march


WATCH ON PERISCOPE: eNCA&39;s Dianne Hawker from the march


WATCH: An earlier Skype recording with eNCA&39;s Lenyaro Sello below

Follow the FeesMustFall movement across the country with eNCA&39;s map of the protest action here.



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