Suspect arrested for R300,000 in counterfeit money


An image of about R300, 000 rand in forged notes.

JOHANNESBURG - The Johannesburg Metro Police Department has arrested a man it believes is involved in a fake money scheme.

Officers pulled the suspect over on the Heidelberg Road for a routine road check.

In the car, they found R30,000 in cash.

Led to a small backroom elsewhere by the suspect, officers discovered about R300,000 in forged notes.

They also found a printing machine, a paper compressor and other apparatus needed to make fake money.

The police also found notes in foreign currencies.

According to JMPD spokesperson Wayne Minnaar: “This illegal operation has been taking place for a long time because we saw the cut-offs of a lot of paper in plastic bags which were in this room."

Police said this might be part of a bigger operation.

The suspect is in police custody and will be charged with money laundering and possession of counterfeit money. 


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