Suspects in murder of police captain killed in Kwamashu hostel shootout


SAPS on the scene of a shooting at KwaMashu hostel in KwaZulu-Natal. Five people were killed on in the shooting on Wednesday 16 September 2015.

DURBAN - Members of the SAPS’s Organised Crime and National Intervention Unit (NIU) fatally wounded three suspects and arrested two others in an exchange of gunfire in KwaMashu’s notorious men’s hostel inDurban.

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The heavily-armed suspects are believed to have been involved in the killing of Captain Dumisani Mhlanzi during a robbery in KwaMaphumulo two weeks ago.


They were reportedly found in possession of a firearm suspected to be the one belonging to the late Capt Mhlanzi.

Commenting later, Minister of Police, General Bheki Cele commended the police action.

Cele encouraged the police to hold firm to the ideals of &39;Serve and Protect&39;.

He said, "Police action will continue to be tough and hard on dangerous criminals, they must retreat or regret; the energy levels of police action have been reloaded from that of a smaller engine to the top notch engine capacity."

"Police must regain public confidence and our communities must be safe and feel safe. The time has come for criminals to understand the fearless police language and begin to seriously respect the dignified blue."

Cele used the occasion to warn police officersnot to intimidate and insult victims of crime.

This followed an incident at Midrand Police Station where a woman was maltreated by police officers. Three officers were later suspended with immediate effect for the incident, pending a SAPS disciplinary process.

"Police officers at station level are at the critical point of service delivery and therefore their service must always be on point. Any officer found to be ill-treating victims of crime will be dealt with accordingly through police discipline," Cele said.