Table Mountain blanketed in snow as SA gripped by cold

CAPE TOWN - Temperatures are plummeting as two major cold fronts plough through the country.

The Western Cape has been particularly hard hit over the past week, where three people have succumbed to the cold.

Snow has fallen on the country&39;s southern mountain ranges. Even Table Mountain was blanketed in snow this morning.

It is the first time that snow’s fallen on Table Mountain since 2011. Curious adventurers couldn’t resist catching a glimpse of this rare sight, despite the chilly conditions.

“I heard there is snow on the mountain this morning, I have lived in Cape Town for 64 years - all my life. I have never seen snow on the mountain except once before, so I took the opportunity of coming up this morning to see this incredible almost like Swiss landscape on the top of table mountain this morning. It is almost unique. It is absolutely incredible,” tour guide Brian Kirsch said.

The Mother City appears to have experienced the worst of this cold snap, but those living further north are being warned to wrap up.

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