Teen rescued from Rustenburg brothel


"Abandoned doll"

RUSTENBURG – A 17-year-old girl was rescued on Friday, in a suspected brothel in Rustenburg in the North West, Mayor Mpho Khunou said.

“We rescued a 17-year-old girl, as she was interviewed there was some individual [who] phoned her issuing threats, demanding that this young girl must come back. We are quite pleased that before the end of the week this young girl will be reunited with her family. We also raise a lot of awareness in the city about human trafficking and drug abuse,” he said ahead of human trafficking awareness march in Rustenburg East. 

Khunou said the girl was from outside Rustenburg and the police were handling the case.

He said the municipality launched an operation were they discovered that some guest houses mushrooming in Rustenburg were not complying with the city’s by-laws.

“We have issued notices and two [of the buildings] will be demolished.”

He said the municipality would continue to fight human trafficking.

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The march was to ensure safety, security and investor friendly city for communities. The municipality has identified human trafficking, substance abuse, problem buildings, undocumented persons, robbery and vehicle theft as prevalent crimes committed in Rustenburg.

Five houses were torched in East End last week after another 14-year-old girl went missing on her way home from school.

Residents torched the houses rented by foreign nationals, suspecting that the girl was kidnapped and forced into prostitution in brothels the foreign national operate in the rented houses. The teenager was found unharmed and re-united with her family.

During the march, community members chanting,  diverted from the official route and went to three houses they claim were brothels, the houses were deserted, fizzy drinks and fresh bread were found at one of the house, the bed were neatly made indicating occupants left few minutes before the community arrived, the third house was locked, although clothes were hanging in the wash line to dry and women shoe were put on top of a refuse bin.