Another delay in the Thulsie twins terror case


Photographic evidence included in the State's case against twins Brandon-Lee and Toni-Lee Thulsie. Prosecutors say the twins were intent on carrying out an attack for Islamic State.

JOHANNESBURG  – The terror case against twins Brandon-lee and Tony-lee Thulsie was again postponed in the Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday – this time because the defence wanted digital records of the entire case.

It had been a year since the brothers were arrested on suspicion of plotting terror attacks in South Africa.

The twins were charged with conspiracy and incitement to commit the crime of terrorism, and conspiring and attempting to commit acts associated with terrorist activities.

Prosecutor Adele Barnard told the court that 212 pages of statements previously requested by the defence had been handed over.

However, Barnard said on Wednesday morning she received an email from the defence notifying her that they could not open the digital copies.

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The state said it was willing to print the said documents, but that it would require money to do so.

Defence advocate Anneline van den Heever said “special” software was needed to download certain parts of the document and that the state had to apply for finance to get hard copies printed as soon as possible, because the documents would be needed when the case went to trial.

A 13-page indictment of the matter suggested that the twins were attempting to join the Islamic State (IS) group in Syria, and that they planned to carry out terror attacks using firearms, explosives and possibly poison.

The attacks would have been directed at the Pretoria embassies of various countries including the United Kingdom, Russia and the United States.

Cartoonist Jonathan Shapiro, also known as Zapiro, Jewish-South African Investment Manager Roy Topol and King David High School Linksfield were also listed in the indictment as targets.

It was alleged that in August 2015 Tony-Lee participated in a series of chats with Abu Fidaa (an IS network) and others, during which he was instructed to attack the best targets involving “US/Brit/French interest(s0 in South Africa”, as well as to kill Zapiro.

The brothers remain behind bars and the matter was postponed to July 11.

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