The President's Keepers: Death threats won't make Pauw back down


Investigative journalist and author Jacques Pauw exposes, among others, an alleged plot by President Jacob Zuma to quash his massive R63-million tax bill.

JOHANNESBURG - Jacques Pauw and his publishers say they&39;ll oppose any court action preventing the distribution, printing and publishing of his explosive new book.

Pauw on Tuesday confirmed to eNCA that he had been receiving death threats since the publication of the book.

The President&39;s Keepers author, Jacque Pauw says he&39;s been receiving death threats.
That&39;s following the release of the controversial book detailing damning allegations about tax evasion and maladministration in government.

"I was scared before the book got published… I&39;ve received death threats. I’m not overly concerned, but it is unnerving," Pauw said.

Earlier, in a letter to the State Security Agency, Pauw and NB Publishers maintain the details in The President&39;s Keepers ares true and of undeniable public interest.

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They said that they would not recall the book, and that there was no basis for urgent legal action to prevent its distribution.

Pauw and his publishers said state security had failed to back up claims that the book contains inaccuracies and they said that publishing evidence of fraud, corruption and criminality does not compromise state security.

The State Security Agency wants parts of the book retracted, while SARS is threatening legal action over the disclosure of taxpayers&39; information.

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