The Race: Next ANC President faces serious challenges in Gauteng


A full moon rises over the Johannesburg, South Africa, skyline.

JOHANNESBURG - The ANC&39;s next president will have to solve several problems in Gauteng.

The party lost control of two metros in the province last year.

A new poll is also pointing to concerns with the elective conference looming large on the horizon.

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For many people, Gauteng is the land of opportunity.

But for the ANC, it&39;s the land of lost opportunity.

The party suffered a blow during the last municipal election, losing control of Tshwane and Johannesburg.

Many voters wanted change and for some, that&39;s still the case.

eTV commissioned a survey, which was conducted by MarkData.

Researchers interviewed nearly 730 ANC voters during September and October. 

One of the questions dealt with the premier.

Nearly 25% think David Makhura is doing a good job.

Just under 40% say he&39;s done reasonably well, but they still think it&39;s time for change.

Roughly 15% give him the thumbs down, saying he should be replaced.

In total, more than half of voters want Makhura to leave.

His approval rating is decidedly average, placing him fifth out of eight premiers representing the ANC.

Gauteng has already nominated Cyril Ramaphosa for president.

That support could prove crucial to his campaign.

But if he gets the job, he&39;ll have his work cut out for him.

For a start, the party will have to regain support in Gauteng&39;s major metros.

And, as the saying goes, opportunity seldom knocks twice.