There may be politicking: Lawyer of siblings facing terror charges


Ibrahim Patel, one of the people arrested under the terrorism act, seen walking into court on 18 July 2016.

JOHANNESBURG - The lawyer of two siblings arrested under the terrorism act, said he doesn&39;t understand why they&39;re facing terror-related charges.

Ibrahim and Fatima Patel made their second court appearance on Monday.

They appeared separately in the Kagiso Magistrate&39;s Court, charged with being in possession of a stun grenade and 21 bullets.

The Hawks claim they’d been following the two for a year before raiding their home in Azaadville, Johannesburg.

The siblings were arrested earlier this month.

But their lawyer said the charges against his clients do not make sense.

Ibrahim used to be a member of his community’s policing forum, his lawyer said that&39;s the explanation for the grenade.

“One night on a patrol it was either left behind in his car or someone gave it to him and he hung it up in a room as an ornament. He should have returned it," said attorney Yousha Tayob.

He said Fatima was arrested, only because she informed police that there were bullets in her room.

Tayob said his clients were being treated unfairly.

“I eagerly await the 20th of September to see the charge sheet, but the difficulty at this stage is that I do not understand why it is terror- related warrants. There may be a bit of politicking there, but I’ve got to deal with it now on a legal level. I mean as the matter stands… Oscar Pistorius had some fancy bullets, he was not charged under terrorism,” Tayob said.

Their lawyer insisted that their cases are in no way linked to those of the Thulsie twin brothers who were arrested for allegedly planning to bomb the US mission and Jewish institutions in South Africa.

The brother and sister are out on R5,000 bail and have to report to a nearby police station every Monday and Friday.

Their cases have been postponed to September.