Top quotes from Minister Mcebisi Jonas


Mcebisi Jonas, deputy Minister of Finance

CAPE TOWN – Deputy Finance Minister Mcebisi Jonas on Wednesday confirmed reports that he was offered the post of finance minister by the wealthy Gupta family, who is close to President Jacob Zuma.

Here are 12 quotes pulled from the letter released by the Ministry:

“I regard our Constitution as being sacrosanct”

“Any practice that conflicts with the prescripts of the constitution must be challenged”

“The extent to which we are able to navigate…economic challenges…will depend on heightened levels of…leadership”

“The narrative that has grown around the issue of ‘state capture’ should be of concern to all”

“History will judge us on the extent to which we have stayed true to the commitments we have made to our people”

“Members of the Gupta family offered me the position of Minister of Finance to replace…Nene.”

“…their offer… makes a mockery of our hard earned democracy”

“Let me also place on record…there was no discussion between the DSG the ANC Jessie Duarte&myself on this matter”

“…I feel it is no longer possible to remain quiet”

“…this issue has a real danger of diverting attention away from the real and urgent challenges we face”

“I am committed to good governance”

“I am resolute in playing my part in preserving the integrity of National Treasury”

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