WATCH: Tuks closes over language dispute scuffles, obtains court order

File:  The new policy will only affect students registering at Tuks for the first time this year.

File:  The new policy will only affect students registering at Tuks for the first time this year. 

PRETORIA - Academic activities at the University of Pretoria’s Hatfield and Groenkloof campuses were suspended on Friday following student clashes over language policy, the institution said.

“The closing of the campuses is in the interests of students and staff, this is due to threats to disrupt academic activities. The University will also allow a consultation process over language policy to continue,” the university said on Friday.

Scuffles broke out between AfriForum Youth and Economic Freedom Fighters Student Command (EFFSC) members on Thursday during a consultative meeting over languages at the institution.


Studente staan saam vir die behoud van Afrikaans - word aangerand

Studente staan saam vir die behoud van Afrikaans op Tukkies - word aangerandAfriForum Jeug en duisende studente het vandag opgestaan teen die EFF se eis dat Afrikaans op die Universiteit van Pretoria (UP) se kampus verwyder moet word. AfriForum Jeug het vandag ’n memorandum aan prof. Niek Grove, registrateur van UP, oorhandig. N die oorhandiging het lede van EFF oproerig geraak en lede van die polisie moes ingeroep word. ’n Lid van AfriForum Jeug is deur lede van die EFF aangerand.Nadat alle studente van die UP uitgenooi was om ’n algemene vergadering oor die hersiening van die UP se taalbeleid by te woon, het Afrikaanse studente vir di vergadering opgedaag. Lede van UP-bestuur en die EFF het di Afrikaanse studente egter toegang tot die vergadering geweier. AfriForum Jeug staan hul lede by in die saak van aanranding wat vanmiddag teen Amla Mingose Nagih, ’n EFF-leier op UP aanhangig gemaak is. Lede van AfriForum Jeug is met verskeie wapens aangerand.

Posted by AfriForum on Thursday, February 18, 2016


The university said the meeting could not proceed following clashes. No damage to property was reported.

The court order, obtained on Thursday, prohibits the two organisations from any unlawful protest and disruption of academic activities at the institution.

The university said a language task team had proposed amendments to the institution’s language policy, which were to be tabled at Thursday’s meeting.

The proposals included that English be the primary language of instruction in all lectures, and that Afrikaans and sePedi be used to provide additional support to students in tutorials and practicals.

Staff and students were requested to forward their input to the task team through email. 




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