WATCH: Tuks rocked by racist viral video


KwaZulu-Natal, 28 November 2016 - A Durban man, facing charges following a racist rant he made on social media, has appeared in court. Political parties opened a case against Dawie Kriel earlier this month following his slurs against the Hindu community.

JOHANNESBURG - A viral video showing two female students using the K-word has once again brought racism at universities to the forefront.

In a statement, the University of Pretoria confirmed the students attend the institution. 

It is understood the video was mistakenly posted to a WhatsApp group. 

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In the footage, one of the students, who appears to be intoxicated, uses the K-word to accuse a black person of stealing her phone. The two students then use the K-word and other expletives several times. 

Tuks expressed shock at the incident, saying the institution "strongly condemns the use of such derogatory and racist language."

It said the students were suspended and they will face a disciplinary hearing. 

The Cyril Ramaphosa Education Trust (CRET), which had provided a bursary to the one student, condemned the incident. 

In a statement posted on its Facebook page, the trust said it had cancelled her bursary with immediate effect. 

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"The CRET bursary programme has prided itself on its non-racial, non-discriminatory approach to supporting disadvantaged students across all races," it said. 

"We are devastated to learn that one of our own family members has disappointed us to such a degree particularly at a time when South Africa needs to be embracing its diversity."

One of the students reportedly apologised on the WhatsApp group after realising the mistake, saying her friend was drunk. 

She said she was trying to help her friend and stated that what had happened was unacceptable. 

WARNING: This video contains strong and offensive language