ANCYL members want Maine out


JOHANNESBURG 02 July 2017 - The ANC Youth League says it supports a commission of inquiry into state capture. But the league's president, Collen Maine, says the investigation should not single out the Guptas.? He speaks to Polit Bureau host Thulasize Sime

JOHANNESBURG - The ANC seems to be heading to court to fight most of its internal issues.

This time members are saying the youth league president is way too old and he must give up his post.

Two former league members from Gauteng and North West want him out of the ANC kindergarten, insisting he must play with people his own age.

They're challenging his eligibility as a member of the youth league – let alone its president.

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They've delivered their grievances in a lawyer's letter to the party’s headquarters at Luthuli House, calling for intervention in ensuring the party sticks to the league’s constitution.

It's not the first time Collen Maine's age and fitness to hold office have been under the spotlight.

Maine accepted his election to the position back in 2015 when he was MEC in the North West. He had to relinquish that post and move to Luthuli house. This also meant a salary cut.

At the time of his election, Maine was dubbed Mr 34.9 over concerns about his age. Critics compared him to students campaigning for fees to fall. As discontent grew about the man, some even went as far as naming him Oros. A health scare suffered last year, didn't help Maine's image much.

The ANC Members behind the renewed call for him to relinquish his post, say Maine is not the only party leader violating the constitution.

They say they have it on good authority several other members of the ANC Youth League executive committee are well over the league's age limit.

One of the people behind the demand is known as Thabo Arrafat Molamu – who's believed to have been close to Maine at some point.