Two decades of the Constitution celebrated


FILE: President Nelson Mandela walks out of the National Assembly at Parliament after the final drafting of South Africa's new Constitution, May 1996.

JOHANNESBURG - Saturday marks 20 years since the late President Nelson Mandela signed South Africa's new Constitution into law.

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President Jacob Zuma and Justice Minister, Michael Masutha will celebrate the anniversary in Sharpeville.

The minister says it's paved the way for many achievements.

“There’s a lot of new architecture in law, in institutions that were ushered in by this Constitution, and today of course we have regular elections in which everybody participates to determine who should determine their public affairs, in that who should govern them. So there’s a lot that has been achieved through this Constitution.”

Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa also weighed in on the adoption of the Constitution by South Africa.

Speaking exclusively to eNCA, he said South Africans are the ultimate custodians and protectors of the Constitution.



He said it’s up to ordinary people to determine the course of action when the executive fails to uphold the Constitution.

It was Ramaphosa who stood next to then President Nelson Mandela on 10 December 1996 as the country's brand new Constitution was triumphantly presented.



He said the adoption of the Constitution signaled South Africa's emergence as nation that embraces human dignity, equality and human rights for all.

* Watch the video report by Thulasizwe Simelane in the gallery above, which touches on the issues of the expropriation of land, Nkandla and the Marikana massacre.

Embedded below is the full-length interview with Ramaphosa: