Uber driver allegedly kidnaps motorist


Johannesburg, 27 September 2016 -Two members of the so-called Uber gang, arrested for alleged rape, robbery and assault, will apply for bail next month. But the victims of the horrific attacks say they still want answers from Uber.

JOHANNESBURG - A young motorist was allegedly kidnapped by an Uber driver after a minor traffic accident outside Wits University on Monday morning.

Police are investigating the circumstances of what should have been a simple insurance matter.

A man who Uber confirmed as one of its drivers allegedly intimidated the motorist to enter the vehicle of the driver's brother.

Initially, the men demanded R2,000 from the motorist  to fix the Uber driver's car. The amount was eventually dropped to R1,500.

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The Uber driver refused to comment on camera to eNCA and disputed the way the incident unfolded.

He said he would be challenging the charges laid against him.

The motorist's father confirmed that a complaint was laid at Rosebank Police Station against both the driver and his brother.

In a statement (see below), Uber’s communication manager, Samantha Allenberg, confirmed the driver was registered with the company but said he was not on a trip at the time of the incident.

Allenberg said the man had subsequently been removed as a driver pending an investigation into the incident. The company said it would assist police in the investigation.