Uber drivers protesting over safety concerns


In race to be Asia's fintech hub. Much like Uber, Airbnb and others have harnessed technology and online social networking to disrupt taxi and hotel services.

JOHANNESBURG - Uber drivers in Johannesburg are protesting outside the company's offices.

They say they're being threatened and attacked by meter taxi drivers and that Uber isn't doing enough to protect them.

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They have rejected claims from the taxi hailing service that security has been beefed up at hot spots, like Park Station.

Uber drivers formed a forum last year after one of them was attacked and killed their spokeswoman Teresa Munchik said.

“We are all Uber drivers and partners gathered here. We gave them a memorandum three weeks ago, which they never responded to, and they refuse to speak to us,” said Munchik.

“We planned to slow down traffic and block the road, but police have told us they will organise a meeting with Uber … but then Uber has shut down its offices and put armed men at the door.”

Munchik claimed Uber has been collecting names of members of the forum and their vehicle registrations.

She said forum members are being deactivated them from the Uber app.

“Our guys are bitten everyday, Uber says there’s protection and security but there’s none … I can take you to Park Station now to see for yourself.

“Drivers have been hijacked especially since the cash option was implemented … people do not go look out for Uber, they can just order a taxi and attack the driver just like that.”

- Additional reporting ANA