Uber SA's new app feature to protect drivers


Uber, the international company that can hire private cars travel through an application on smart phones today begins operating in Argentina.

JOHANNESBURG – Uber’s user policy was amended to combat the recent spike in attacks on Uber drivers.

There is a new feature that riders will not be able to access. Drivers now have the option to share their trips with their close friends.



This extension feature is useful for e-driver groups and riders that use cash payments when travelling.

"The variables that are verified are the number of friends, verified profile and phone number," the company explains in a press release.

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Uber calls this new feature "social contact" that serves as an alternative verification that closes the security gap when a user is not using their credit card.


Uber’s press release states that this new feature does not post to Facebook upon verification.

The safety feature uses the number of friends, phone number and other details to ensure the identity of the rider.