VIDEO: UCT students arrested for defiance of interdict, violence


All entrances to the University of Cape Town have been blockaded with burning tyres. Students have joined a nation-wide protest against a proposed fee hike.

CAPE TOWN – A number of UCT students are behind bars as a series of protests at the country’s tertiary institutions escalates.

On Monday night, UCT students continued occupying the campus&39;s Bremner Building despite a high court interdict secured by the university, ordering against the protests.

A police Nyala moved into campus just before midnight. Several police in riot gear then used stun grenades to disperse the crowds and tried to force their way into the occupied building. 

The protest continued on Tuesday morning, with unrelenting students blocking all entrances and started fires on campus. 

Protests against high study fees began last Wednesday with Wits University’s FeesMustFall campaign and turned violent on Monday afternoon as more universities across the country joined. 

Wits students who had shut down the university since Wednesday, blockaded Empire Road and a motorist who tried to drive through the crowd was injured in the process. 

There were reports on Tuesday morning that some of the students were still in the building where they had managed to barricade themselves. 

For details, watch the videos in the gallery above.