UN Women campaign reveals sexism

JOHANNESBURG - A popular trend in online searches has revealed how some internet users really feel about women.

United Nations Women&39;s latest print ad campaign uses the most popular terms about women collected from genuine Google searches and exposes a surge of widespread negativity, sexism and discrimination.

The global champion for women and girls has used data of the most popular searches associated with women.

Internet users have shared negative sentiments from gender stereotypes to denial of basic rights.

That online search has spelt out some of the deepest thoughts and perhaps revealed some sexist attitudes towards women.

eNCA reporter Nontobeko Sibisi hit the streets to try and find out if South Africans share in any of the offensive thoughts.

A woman said: “There&39;s a lot of male dominance, women are the fairer sex they are the weaker sex and sometimes it&39;s hard to get out of that stigma.”

Researcher for the institute for social and economic research Catherine Burns said: "these ideas are all rooted in the notion that women are not analytical, they can&39;t make responsible decisions, they can&39;t work outside the family.”

“Women is to nature like man is to culture, politics, the world of the analytical, science those ideas are very deep seated," she added.

Experts said culture has not followed suit from our progressive laws.

However, there is hope that perhaps in 50 years&39; time this very same search will spell out results of a very different and progressive kind.

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