UPDATE: Search for toddler washed away in floods intensifies


Communities living on the banks of the Jukskei river in Alexandra township, Johannesburg have been severely affected by recent floods.

JOHANNESBURG - Johannesburg emergency services have sent out more people to search for a three-year-old girl who was swept away by flood water in Alexandra, Johannesburg.

On Wednesday, Everite Chauke's father climbed a tree with her to get away from the water, but the branch snapped and she fell into the torrent.

GALLERY: The aftermath of a flash flood

So far emergency services say they've been unsuccessful but they aren’t giving up, and are determined to search throughout the weekend.

"We have covered the area from the local prison coming we are now at Steyn City and Midrand and haven’t found anything," said Nana Radebe of Joburg EMS.

"We have the police looking from Lion Park to Hartebeest, We have intensified the teams looking at the derby and on the river bank but it’s a very difficult search.”

Gauteng disaster management teams remain on high alert as more rainfall is predicted in the coming days.

The death toll following heavy rains in Gauteng this week now stands at seven.

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