VIDEO: BlackMonday protesters sing 'Die Stem'


Protesters barricading the R24 in Vereeniging on Monday. Photo: Ditiro Selepe

JOHANNESBURG - A video has emerged from Monday&39;s BlackMonday protest by farmers showing a group of protesters singing the old South African national anthem ‘Die Stem’.

The old version of the anthem is only sung in Afrikaans.

The new national anthem only includes parts of ‘Die Stem’ while the rest of the anthem is in isiZulu, Sesotho and English.

The footage has upset many, especially black South Africans because it is reminiscent of the hurt from Apartheid.

AfriForum distanced itself from those carrying the apartheid flag while others have come in defence, saying that it was their heritage and that they felt protected under the apartheid flag.

The group staged marches and demonstrations around Gauteng and barricaded the R59 in Vereeniging and the N1 in Pretoria.

The controversy surrounding their peaceful march was that there were banners with derogatory and apartheid regalia carried by the protesters.

Political parties have condemned the use of the old flag in protests.