VIDEO: Former Wits SRC leader Kalla arrested at UJ


A standoff between private security, protesting workers and students at the University of Johannesburg Kingsway campus' main gate.

JOHANNESBURG - As protest and arrests continue at the University of Johannesburg, former Wits SRC president Shaeera Kalla among those put in police van.



Kalla is among a number of students who were arrested on Friday afternoon, after a group of protesting students and workers marched from Doornfontein to the Kingsway campus. 

This follows the arrest of 13 UJ workers for defying a court order that barred them from protesting within 500 metres of the university on Friday. 




The workers were demanding an immediate end to outsourcing while students continued their demand for lower fees.

Exams have gone ahead as scheduled despite renewed protests on Friday morning.

Protesting students and the SRC had vowed that exams would not take place until all their demands had been addressed.

The university’s vice chancellor, Ihron Rensburg, insisted the university&39;s 42 000 undergraduates could not afford to have exams postponed or disrupted.