VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS: Zuma says he won't step down now


South African President Jacob Zuma arrives for the closing ceremonies of the 14th Africa Union Summit at the United Nations Conference Center in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on 02 February 2010.

JOHANNESBURG - President Jacob Zuma says he will not step down, despite being recalled, but insists he is not defying the ANC.

On Wednesday afternoon, Zuma granted the SABC an interview in which eh insisted he had done nothing wrong. 

Zuma says the ANC’s top six did not give him reasons for his recall.

Zuma insists his party&39;s concerns around two centers of power in the country is misunderstood and immature politics.

Zuma has denied any involvement in the axing of Former President, Thabo Mbeki. Speaking to the SABC, Zuma says he backed Mbeki but was defeated.





Zuma says he’s not refusing to resign, but disagrees with ANC top six. He says he just wants to finalise a few international commitment and ensure the nation there&39;s unity in the party.

Zuma say’s people have been calling for him to leave for an entire year without providing reasons why they want him out of office.


Zuma says he will not resign. He says he proposed to ANC leaders that he could resign after June.



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