Voting Aid: Make an informed choice in elections 2014


Voting Aid, through the use of an online app, matches your views with the candidate that best represents them and helps you make the best voting choice you can.

SOUTH AFRICA - It&39;s election time and the 2014 General Election is particularly interesting and exciting, as it coincides with the 20th anniversary of democracy in our country.
Most parties have launched their manifestos but there are concerns that many voters have not taken the time to read and interrogate the policies contained within them.
With that in mind has employed the help of Voting Aid which aims to make it easier for the voter to see clearly the stance a particular party makes on a relevant issue.
eNCA is asking you to participate in order to help voters make informed choices.
By answering simple agree-disagree questions, political parties can make their views clear and easily accessible. 
The voter, in turn, by answering the same questions, is matched up directly with the party that best represents their views. 
Please participate in this first for South Africa through the embedded app below.
1. Click your answers with mouse on the response base. 
2. You can change your answers by activating the question from the list and replacing your answer on the response base.
3. Watch the party that is the best match for your views appear at the top on the right. 


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