Fewer than 1,600 vote in Vuwani


VUWANI 29 July 2016 - Many residents there insist that the complete shutdown of the town will continue despite an announcement by government that a settlement has been reached.

VUWANI -- The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) in Limpopo says just over 1,500 people cast their ballots in the volatile town of Vuwani. 

Some 40,000 voters were registered in the troubled area but most boycotted the municipal elections on Wednesday.

“Approximately 1,600 people participated in the elections in Vuwani. All wards have been accounted,” said Limpopo electoral officer Nkaro Mateta.

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She said the lowest turnout at polling stations in Vuwani was eight voters.

On election day, some residents chose to stay away while others attended a "sports day” in the area of Vyeboom in the Vuwani.

The event was organised by community members as a form of silent protest.

Residents, both young and old, played different games in the village and the day ended with a soccer match.

Voting in Vuwani and surrounds took place under heavy security of about 1,000 police officers and the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) assisting with logistical support.

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“We are happy that some people took a decision to vote,” said Mateta.

She said election day went smoothly, with only minor problems reported.

“Where the schools were locked and there was no access to the school because there were no keys, the SANDF assisted us and had tents for us and we had shelter,” she said.

The provincial electoral officer said the IEC expected results for the different municipalities in Limpopo by Thursday afternoon.

Meanwhile, life is slowly returning to normal with some schools and businesses reopening.

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