Wage increase for domestic workers


File: A domestic worker from Cape Town has taken her employer to court. She claims he abused her.

JOHANNESBURG - Some relief for full-time domestic workers in urban areas.

The department of labour has announced a minimum wage increase.

The new rate is effective from 1 December until the end of November next year.

Workers&39; take-home pay rises from about R2,065 to over R2,230.

Employers who fail to comply with the new labour rates will be taken to the labour court.

“Our inspectors will obviously communicate with that particular employer to encourage him/her to correct that infraction," said Acting Labour Ministerial spokesman Mikgadi Pela.

"If that doesn’t happen, they will also indicate that if you don’t do that, the next step will be for us to take you to the labour court. Which will then make a ruling.”

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