WATCH: Affordable housing plan in Cape Town welcomed

Patricia De Lille

Cape Town mayor Patricia De Lille on the red carpet outside parliament for the State of the Nation Address on February 14.

CAPE TOWN - Low-income families will soon be able to stake their claim in Cape Town's inner city.

Mayor Patricia de Lille today announced the city's proposed sites for affordable housing developments.

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Civil society has welcomed the move.

The proposals are being seen as a victory in the fight for affordable housing in the city and a move to integrate high and low income communities.

The areas include the Woodstock Hospital site, Pickwick Road in Salt River, and New Market Street in the CBD.

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Space has also been made available for transitional housing and future development.

Civil society group, Ndifuna Ukwazi has welcomed the announcement.

The city is calling on local developers to put forward their proposals from the end of September. 




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