WATCH: Ajay Gupta spotted in Dubai


File: Ajay Gupta during a one on one interview with Business Day in Johannesburg on 2 March 2011. Gupta is on the run from the police.

JOHANNESBURG - Ajay Gupta surfaced in Dubai on Wednesday morning.

A travelling South African filmed the controversial businessman outside the Indian Consulate.

WATCH: Close friend says Guptas will return to India

The man asked Gupta when he would be returning to South Africa. Gupta then joked, saying, "With a sore heart?"

"They&39;re not giving a reply. The day they give a reply I&39;ll go there," he continues.

This is the first sighting since Ajay Gupta fled the country in late February. He is wanted for corruption related to the Estina Dairy Farm project.


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