WATCH: AmaBhungane investigative journalist weighs in on KPMG saga


KPMG logo seen on a building.


JOHANNESBURG - Reaction continues following the resignation of KPMG CEO Moses Khosana.

AmaBhungane investigative journalist Craig McKune says the audit firm should have been more careful.

"They are auditors. They are one of the big four audit firms. They occupy a special place in society. They supposed to be a watchdog of how money is spent or how the companies account on how their money is spent." 

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"And if they do not ask proper questions. If they are not sceptical of the information that they are given by the management of companies especially of companies that are managed by people like Guptas then they are not doing their job. Is that directly corrupt? Maybe not." 

"But they are facilitating the corruption and a cover where the Guptas can say but our companies are signed off by auditors everything is above board is fine." 

"But actually it is not because the auditors looked away," he said Craig McKune.