WATCH: Daylight robbery caught on CCTV


Kempton Park, 19 November 2014 - The moment before the chaotic botched robbery ensued. One of the perpetrators poses as a client at the airport valet as a ruse to break in.

  • Editor&39;s note: please be aware that the video above contains scenes of a graphic nature.


?KEMPTON PARK - A dramatic botched robbery has been caught on camera.

The footage shows a group of armed men entering the premises of a valet parking company near OR Tambo International Airport on Tuesday, pretending to be clients... and that&39;s when the drama started.

A warning that some viewers may find the visuals in the gallery above, disturbing.

In it, one can see a group of suspects, in a black BMW, arriving outside the offices of Airport Parking Services.

One of the men rings the bell, and the gate is opened.

As the suspects drive in, a staff member goes outside to welcome them,  thinking they&39;re clients, but the employer gets a nasty surprise, and is confronted by 4 men, brandishing handguns and an AK47.

Some of the suspects then force their way into the office. Another suspect kicks one of the owner&39;s dogs, and then shoots a second dog dead. 

That&39;s when the company owner springs into action.

“I heard three shots. I stormed from the bedroom, came into the lounge and looked at the CCTV cameras and I saw armed people in my office, I got my pistol out of the safe and started firing at the armed people," said Wynand Bakker.

"They shot my dog with an AK47 three times, which wasn&39;t necessary.”

As the owner began shooting, the suspects fled, forgetting to close the car door in their haste to get away.

None of the staff were injured, but they&39;ve been left badly shaken.

“I’m looking after 33 families. I have 33 people working for me. I’m looking after 33 people. I’m paying my taxes. Nobody looks after us. Maybe once or twice, you&39;ll see a police van coming past here..." Bakker said.

Police are investigating a case of armed robbery.