WATCH: Cape Town man calls woman the "K word"


JOHANNESBURG A video of a Cape Town man using a K word against a black woman is making rounds of social media.

JOHANNESBURG – A video of a Cape Town man using the “K word” against a black woman is doing the rounds on social media.

A man could be seen arguing with the woman before threatening her.

The woman resists the threat and asks what he was going to do.

As he approaches her, the woman stands firm and the man is heard uttering the words “you are a k****r.”

The video was shared on Facebook by a user, Hlubelihle Richie Radebe, and has since been viewed by more than 2000 Facebook users with shares gaining momentum as well.

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In a second video, the same man is approached by the racial slur victims and with a police officer.

The man is heard apologising repeatedly, but the woman insists she will be taking the matter to court.