WATCH: DA councillor takes a plunge to highlight water wastage


Denny hoped to highlight extreme water wastage and that due to the current water crisis this is a massive problem that needs attention.

SECUNDA – A DA councillor in Secunda, Mpumalanga dunked himself into a 1,5-metre deep hole filled with fresh water from a ruptured pipe to highlight water wastage and maintenance issues by the Govan Mbeki Municipality.

Tim Denny dramatically made the statement after numerous reports to the municipality about the leak on Amandel Street were ignored, he said.


Tim Denny, DA Councillor, takes a stand (splash) against the Govan Mbeki Municipality&39;s wastage of fresh water. Clean water has been leaking from this hole in Amandel Street in Secunda for 4 weeks now. Thousands of litres of water are flowing down the street.

Posted by The Bulletin on Monday, February 8, 2016

Denny told eNCA: "It’s been leaking for 31 days now and as of two days ago, more than 1-million litres of water has been leaked and wasted.

“I did this to highlight extreme water wastage and with the country&39;s current water crisis, this is a massive problem that needs attention.”

Denny said the municipality finally sent a team to Amandel Street to look into the leakage on Wednesday.