EXCLUSIVE: Durban man accused of grooming, raping daughter speaks


This is what remains of the house torched in Pretoria West on Saturday. The community alleged that the house was being used as a brothel and drug den.



JOHANNESBURG – The man accused of sexually grooming and raping his ten-year-old stepdaughter has appeared in court for a second time.

eNCA spoke exclusively to him before proceedings commenced in the Verulam Family Court today. This 44-year-old man is charged with the rape of his 10-year-old stepdaughter.

He’s accused of sexually grooming her in a tiny room and exposing her to pornographic material.B ut in an exclusive interview with eNCA before court proceedings, he denies this.

“I lived in Witbank. I lived among people where if you do anything, it’s noticed,” He said.

“My daughter went to a private school. If anything wasn’t out of the ordinary there somebody would have noticed. I come to ****** where it’s a barracks. People worry about everyone’s story. This is how I get myself treated.”

He has opened cases of assault against security officials and neighbours, who allegedly beat him up.

“Reaction Unit and the public. They say that I abused my daughter.”

Asked whether he did abuse his daughter. “Boss, I’m a single parent. I at my age buried my wife. I’m not capable of such s***.”

Asked about the conditions in which he exposed his daughter to, the man said he had no choice.

“I came from Joburg. My house in Firwood Road, Durban, flooded. There was a flood in the last year. I had to move because when push comes to shove, you don’t go begging. You make means.”

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Only a handful of people were let into the courtroom for safety reasons, but a protest was held outside. The accused’s attorney told the court his client has diabetes and has not been given medication while in custody.

Magistrate Irfan Khalil ruled that he should receive further medical care or medication, as required, while in custody at Westville Prison.

The man is expected back in court on the 2nd of July for a formal bail application.