WATCH: EFF's Malema denounces 'white monopoly capital', demands nationalisation


The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) march to the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), 27 October, 2015.

JOHANNESBURG - The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has taken its fight for economic freedom to the streets of Johannesburg.

In an attempt to end so-called white monopoly capital, thousands of its supporters marched through Johannesburg to hand over a list of demands to the Chamber of Mines, the Reserve Bank and the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.



It has accused these bodies of maintaining the status quo, and has  demanded changes, including the nationalisation of mines and greater state intervention in the Reserve Bank, zero bank charges for workers earning under R4,500 a month, and zero interest on loans for education.



Party leader Julius Malema, taking a swipe at the mining sector, said, "Chamber of Mines, you must be ashamed because one of the mines that are affiliated to you have killed our people in Marikana . Your mines continue to kill our people. Your mines continue to exploit our people.  Your mines continue to pay our people peanuts, despite the fact that our people take risks to go underground and make this economy of South Africa to be what it is. "

Malema urged the mining companies to help reduce the cost of education.

He said, "We want the mines of South Africa to commit a certain percentage of their profit towards funding of a free education. Free education is not only the responsibility of government."

In Sandton, the EFF addressed the crowd, before handing over a memorandum off demands to JSE CEO Nicky Newton-King.

Addressing the crowd, Malema said, “We are asking for a simple thing that these memoranda should be distributed to all companies that are registered with the stock exchange. Those are the companies that supported apartheid it. And those are the companies that continue to exclude black people from the economy of South Africa. We cannot have 10 percent of black people owning the economy of South Africa. “ 



At the JSE, EFF Deputy President, Floyd Shivambu delivered an ultimatum to the three financial institutions.

He said, "Our mandate is clear, we want all the companies to give us a response within 30 days.

"If they don&39;t give us a response within 30 days we are going to shut down the individual companies on the JSE, we&39;re going to shut down the JSE itself.

"There&39;s no amount of security which is going to prevent the people of South Africa from demanding what&39;s rightfully belongs to them. Those are our demands and we expect the JSE to act on all of them. Amandla!"



*View the attached video where the EFF outline their demands


287291619 EFF Memorandum to Johannesburg Stock Exchange 27 October 2015



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