UPDATE: Gabola probably not a real church, says council


Bishop Tsietsi Makiti really does practice what he preaches.

• Editor&39;s note: This article is updated each time new information becomes available.

JOHANNESBURG - A Gauteng church is evangelising in a different way.

Congregants openly drink and pray, with the approval of the Bishop.

But the SA Council of Churches says people are attracted to the Gabola Church because it satisfies their desire to drink liquor.

The church says it prides itself as a home for those rejected because of their love of alcohol.

But the Council says this is not a church.

Some congregants say they’ve found their perfect place of worship – but no under 20’s are welcome.

The church has recently opened a branch in the Free State and it plans to extend its reach to other parts of the country.

This is now probably the most famous drinking spot in Orange Farm, outside Johannesburg.

* eNCA reporter Malungelo Booi visited the church and filed this report.

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