WATCH: Hawks backtrack on Gupta 'fugitive' status


File: Ajay Gupta during a one on one interview with Business Day in Johannesburg on 2 March 2011. Gupta is on the run from the police.

JOHANNESBURG - It&39;s almost five months since the Hawks conducted a search and seizure operation at the Gupta&39;s Saxonwold home.

The Head of the Hawks has suggested the crime-busting unit made a mistake by saying Ajay Gupta was a fugitive.

eNCA&39;s Erin Bates spoke with Godfrey Lebeya on Friday, who said: "If our tongue slipped at some stage that we tried to reveal what we are not supposed to be revealing, we would like to do this in a professional way. So that we don&39;t investigate publicly, try to say this is what we have, when at the end of the day the conclusion of the investigation might point in a different direction."

In February, the Hawks hosted a media briefing on their Estina Dairy Farm investigation where they said Ajay Gupta is not being sought for that project but is wanted in connection for an unrelated corruption case.


This after the Hawks had said Ajay Gupta was a fugitive, and after the NPA&39;s Asset Forfeiture Unit (AFU) identified Atul Gupta as a criminal suspect in its Estina Dairy Farm investigation.

The AFU said it has clear evidence that Gupta received an unlawful R10-million payment linked to the farm project.

In May, Ajay Gupta was spotted in India and gave a media interview in which he said he is being targeted due to political issues

You can watch the interview with Lebeya in the multimedia box above. 



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