WATCH: OscarPistorius - ten things we learnt


Highlights from the first day of Oscar Pistorius's sentencing at the North Gauteng High Court.

JOHANNESBURG -  Oscar Pistorius&39;s murder sentencing proceedings got underway at the North Gauteng High Court on Monday. The convicted paralympian is due back in court on Tuesday morning with the State and the defence expected to continue questioning witnesses.

eNCA looks at some of the key moments that came out of the first day&39;s testimonies.

1. Oscar will not testify


2. There are a lot of things going through my mind – Barry Steenkamp


3. Oscar a broken man – psychologist


4. Oscar admitted to intentionally shooting someone – psychologist


5. Oscar hasn&39;t shown true remorse: Nel


6. Oscar has more respect for human life now - psychologist


7. Oscar imprisonment could be harmful, psychologist


8. Pistorius has become despondent, lethargic and disinvested: Scholtz


9. Oscar &39;too unstable&39; to take the stand - psychologist


10. Judge Masipa will be expected to balance out her sentence - Legal expect


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