WATCH: Ramaphosa calls for unity on the Cape Town drought


File: Day zero is looming for Cape Town and a dedicated and efficient long-term solution to South Africas water woes must be found.


JOHANNESBURG – African National Congress (ANC) president, Cyril Ramaphosa has called for unity amid the ongoing water crisis in the Western Cape.

Ramaphosa was addressing the commemoration of Nelson Mandela from prison in Cape Town.

"This drought that Cape Town is going through affects the poor people of this city and the province much more than it affects the rich of this city," said Ramaphosa.

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"We commend the people of the Western Cape for confronting this crisis. If there was ever a time when we should be working together as a people, this water crisis is the time when we should all join hands and make sure that we address this water challenge that we now face."