WATCH: Suffering has a name as Esidimeni hearings draw to a close

File: Each family of those affected, are owed R1.2-million in restitution.

File: Each family of those affected, are owed R1.2-million in restitution.

JOHANNESBURG - Emotional scenes unfolded at the Life Esidimeni arbitration hearings on Friday.

Many people wept as Section 27 lawyer, Adila Hassim read the names of the deceased and explained how they died.

At least 144 patients died after the Gauteng Health Department moved them from Life Esidimeni facilities to unlicensed NGOs.

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During the course of the hearings, details have emerges about how mentally ill patients were transported tied up like cattle to unregistered institutions where they starved to death. 

Witnesses testified about how government dropped the ball, refusing to take expert advice, and giving the courts incorrect information about patients.

"They ignored warnings that were in their system, they also ignored that warning that was outside, I was interviewed by eNCA in July, and journalists were telling me about people dying. And the journalists also went to the MEC," said one witness, Dr Mvuyiso Talatala who fought tooth and nail against the transfer of patients to NGOs.

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Lawyers representing the families of those who died in the Life Esidimeni tragedy presented their closing arguments before the arbitration hearings on Friday.

On Thursday, the State, Solidarity, and Section27 agreed that the families of the mentally-ill patients who died should be compensated.

They&39;ve been offered R200,000 which will cover funeral costs, as well as claims for emotional shock.

This still needs to be reviewed by the arbitration hearings chairperson, retired deputy chief justice Dikgang Moseneke.

Section27 also wants R1.5-million for constitutional damages.

Watch the video of the names of some of those who died being read in the video above.